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Crazy volume 8 scans

I went to New Jersey today and saw a Korean version of Fullmetal Alchemist volume 8, so I got it XD I thought I'd post some pictures on the front, back, side and stuff @_@

Includes: "Image Change 1, 2, and 3", "Arakawa Hiromu as a panda", "4 panel comics" XD; I'm SO sorry for the horrible scans though T_T; I didn't want to rip out any pages or anything like that XD;;

Image Change 1! His name tag says "grade 3, room 2, Masda"

The rectangle on top says "Image Change 2", Alphonse is saying "Image Change 3", and the text says "Just cutting his bangs makes a scray change."

"mom, from now on" "I'm going to be a panda"

Title: reason of death
Martel: excuse me~
Martel: ah?
sfx: stare
sfx: UWAHHHH!!! nya nya
Alphonse: I got my memory back, brother
Edward: really?!

title: meat meat armor meat meat
It's summer~! sfx: shine
Yoki: Icecream~ Icecream~
It's the sea!!
It's BBQ!! sfx: sizzle sizzle
Alphonse: DON'T COOK MEAT!!! sfx: huff huff
Edward: Alphonse smell like lamb meat!!
[I don't really know what this says XD *isn't good with Korean slangs*]

title: world of a cool dog
I am Black Hayate!
It's only bee a little while since I was introduced, but I'm a popular character!
Ah! It's Den-senpai! But that's ok
Black Hayate: hello Den [he's saying something like "old lady" XD Something Al and Ed called Izumi-sensei when they asked to be her apprentice]
Since I'm such a popular character...
sfx: grrr
I am Black Hayate
Den: coffee!
Black Hayate: yes yes coming
I'm tasting the terror of higher-ups everyday

If I made any crazy Korean mistakes, I'd appreciate it if you corrected me XD;

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