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Ep. 50 summary/translation

I know how desperate some of you are, so I'll just post what I have so far. I'll update with the rest when I'm done. Enjoy.


Beethoven music! Zeppelins!
Hohenheim and Ed are running down the street.
Ed: “ this city?
Voice in his head: “Who?”
Ed gasps. His vision gets blurry, and he stops in his tracks. He clutches his head as if in pain.
Voice in his head: “Who are you?”
Suddenly it is as if he were looking out of someone else’s eyes.
Ed: “This…is not…my body…?”
Up above, the zeppelins unleash their bombs. Things explode.
Away from the city, townsfolk watch the chaos on the top of a grassy hill. A little boy points at the sky.
Planes are moving in.
Ed: “Machines…that fly so freely through the sky…”
Hohenheim: “In this world, in place of alchemy, technology seems to have flourished. Because of that, there are such machines that we cannot imagine.”
Ed: “This world?”
Hohenheim: “You haven’t realized? This is the other side of the Gate.”
Cue a series of rapid-fire flashbacks- the baby crying, taking Ed to the Gate, where he is pulled in by the arm-thingies, where he is sucked through a spinning vortex of images, where he is thrown into the body of a boy living in London. Ed is screaming.

Silence. Al recites the new Touka Koukan speech with a total lack of background music.

(“Rewrite” Opening)
(this program is brought to you by blah blah blah…)

Episode Title: Death

The Northern front.
Farman: “Something seems to have happened at headquarters. There’s so much confusion, I can’t get the details.”
Armstrong: “Oh well. It’s probably General Hakuro bringing in some more backup. We should be able to hold them off.”
Havoc: “Heh.”
Farman: “If thanks to this the Colonel’s plan can succeed, then alright.”
Havoc (wistfully): “Now that I think about it, we’re idiots ourselves. Even though we knew what the Colonel was going to do…”
Fury: “Lieutenant Colonel! It’s the additional forces!”
Armstrong gets up to leave. Havoc grabs his arm.
Havoc: “I’ll go. There’s no use pretending to be the Colonel now.”
Sure enough, a line of tanks are approaching. Havoc sets up a machine gun and starts firing.

The Fuhrer’s mansion. Bradley is reading in his room while Selim plays with his train set on the floor. Bradley looks up. “Mmm?”
Selim is caught staring. He goes back to his trains.
Bradley: “What’s wrong?”
Selim: “Nothing.”
Bradley puts his book down and kneels next to his son. “Is there something else you wanted? Let’s keep it a secret from Mother. Now, I’ll hear one more request.”
Selim: “…I’m sorry. I…have seen it.”
Flashback- Selim spies on Bradley locking something in a secret safe in his bookshelf.
In the present, they are looking at the same safe.
Selim: “Father’s treasure?”
Bradley: “I was planning on giving it to you when you were a little older.”
Selim: “Really?”
Bradley puts a key in his son’s hand. “Take care of this until that time. I’ve put my life in your hands. Please protect is diligently.”
Selim is happy. He salutes. “Yes sir, Fuhrer!”
There’s a noise outside the room. Bradley’s wife is standing in the hall.
Bradley: “What is it?”
Wife: “The people outside have said a mysterious person…”
Bradley opens the door to go outside and sees Hawkeye, who salutes him.
Bradley: “Hawkeye…First Lieutenant, was it?”
Hawkeye: (A phrase I don’t understand, damn military terms, but I’m guessing it’s something like “I’m sorry to disturb you, Fuhrer!”)
Guards are running around in the yard. (“To the front!” “Hurry!”)
Roy jumps in, and sneaks away.

A military building in Central. Archer is going insane. He destroys stuff, brutally annihilates a few soldiers, and then a grenade drops next to him. BOOM.
Ross and Izumi are taking cover.
Ross: “Let’s go.”
Izumi: “But, where?”
Ross: “Our allies are supposed to put up a defense. We’ll go there.”
Izumi nods.
Smoke clears. Two random soldiers are looking at the damage. A third comes running (“There’s trouble!”), when suddenly he is ripped to pieces by gunfire. A metallic arm grabs one of the soldiers by the throat. Archer, who isn’t looking pretty, dangles him above the ground and demands, “What’s wrong?!”
Soldier: “Th…there was an alarm…at the Fuhrer’s residence…”
Archer tosses him away. Now he has gone totally nuts, and is bleeding a lot too (yay). “Fuhrer…I am coming now…”

Back in London.
Hohenheim: “This world is full of death. In this world, a gas that kills people has even been used. In the future, people die more efficiently. You saw it too, haven’t you?”
A snapshot of a mushroom cloud (atomic bomb?).
Hohenheim: “From the past to the future, all lives become the source of alchemy.”
Ed: “Source? What are you talking about? Alchemy is-“
Hohenheim: “Equivalent trade, huh? However, what you need in order to fix a broken radio isn’t just the same ingredients. You need energy for the process. You cannot ignore that and call it ‘equivalent trade.’”
Ed: “The people who die in this world, their lives go through the Gate and become the energy for our alchemy…?”
Hohenheim (puts a hand to his chest): “We all have a small Gate inside us. Alchemists open that Gate, connect to this world, take hold of these lives and turn them into power.”
Ed (snarls): “You were in league with that woman after all! Whether or not there’s equivalent trade- you’re talking about the same things!”
Hohenheim: “So you met with Dante?”
Ed: “I saw the love letter you sent too! From 400 years ago! The two of you were living by constantly switching bodies- isn’t that right?! …..Why did you marry Mother?”
Hohenheim looks surprised.
Ed: “Did you just want to play at having children?!”
Hohenheim: “It was because I loved her.”
Now Ed is surprised.
Hohenheim: “Your mother…I loved Trisha. I learned love for the first time.”
Ed is still upset. “That’s a lie! Then why…?!”
Hohenheim holds out his arm, and Ed blinks at it. Then Hohenheim pulls back his sleeve. Ed grimaces.
Hohenheim: “I didn’t want to show her this rotting body.”

Back in the ballroom. Al is lying on the floor in the middle of a huge glowing circle. Gluttony is whimpering and clutching his head.
Envy eggs him on. “Eat him up. Make him the perfect stone inside you.”
Al is helpless and horrified. Rose stands with her baby, emotionless.
Envy: “Now, let’s hurry it up!”
Gluttony: “Lust…what happened to Lust?”
Envy is surprised, then pissed off. “What’s wrong with you?! Hurry up and eat him!” (points to Al) “Show me! I want to see that person’s child breaking apart inside of you!
Gluttony doesn’t look up to it.
Envy: “…Shit, and I wanted to rip up that shrimp myself!”
Gluttony: “Lust…”
Lyla comes up to him. Gluttony reaches toward her, still repeating Lust’s name.
Lyla: “I’m sorry. It was so sudden.” (she shoves her hand into his mouth)
Envy is shocked.
Lyla is holding Gluttony’s tongue out. Her fingers are on his Uroboros tattoo, and it glows. Gluttony slumps forward.
Envy: “Gluttony?”
Gluttony suddenly turns growling with blank eyes and drool dripping from his mouth.
Lyla: “Be careful. Right now there’s only hunger within him. A homunculus I created for the exact purpose of making the red stone needs no consciousness.”
Rabid!Gluttony opens his mouth and hisses.

In London.
Hohenheim: “Dante cannot create the Philosopher’s Stone with her own power. So for a long time I kept myself hidden. However, when I heard she had set her eyes on you two…”
Ed: “You were sent beyond the Gate by Dante too?”
Hohenheim: “Dante probably thinks that within the Gate my body, mind, and soul have been separated and are drifting around. But I was able to come out of the Gate.”
Ed (looks at his hand): “This body is…”
Hohenheim: “In this world, though it’s different in that alchemy has never flourished, it’s mostly exactly like our world. That’s why there was a child exactly like you. There’s probably someone exactly like Al too.”
Ed: “And so, you were living close by this child?”
Hohenheim: “Your body is probably still outside the Gate. Only your mind and soul were attracted to and pulled into this Edward’s body.”
Two men come running up to them. They salute Hohenheim. One whispers into his ear, “Sir Churchill wishes to speak with you.” (I translated “Shogun” as ‘Sir’ in this case, but I guess it could mean ‘Prime Minister’? But WTF, isn’t this World War I?)
The men lead Hohenheim to a car. Ed comes running after them. “Please wait!”
Hohenheim: “Open the Gate inside of yourself. Search for your body inside the Gate.”
Ed: “Aren’t you coming too?!”
Hohenheim: “I cannot return. My body has already gone through the Gate. Alchemy cannot be used in this world. But you can still make it.”
Ed: “I’ll do something for you!”
Hohenheim looks up, surprised, then smiles sadly. “I’ll stay here and die in this body. With this face and shape that Trisha loved.” (he gets in the car) “I am relieved in learning that equivalent trade is not the truth. To obtain something, you don’t necessarily have to pay a sacrifice. When a parent loves a child, there is no such thing as ‘reward’ or ‘sacrifice.’”
The car drives away. Ed watches it leave, then turns and starts walking in the opposite direction.
Ed’s thoughts: “But still I…if I try hard, then I should obtain something. If I work hard I can save anyone. If I pay a sacrifice, then I can find true happiness. I want to believe in that equivalent trade.”
Hohenheim: “Reality-“
Ed: “That isn’t reality. But if that’s a child’s reasoning, then I’ll be a child! I don’t want to think that you can’t obtain anything after paying a sacrifice.”
There’s an explosion above. Ed looks up. The clouds above him are glowing red.
Man in the car: “A zeppelin is falling.”
Hohenheim looks out the window, shocked, and sees a zeppelin in flames falling out of the sky.
It crashes into the ground, and with the force of the impact the car skids to a stop. Hohenheim leaps out.
In the raging inferno that was once the zeppelin, Ed is trapped under some rubble. There is blood trickling down his head. He desperately claps his hands together. Nothing happens.
A mass of debris falls on him. Embers fly into the cloudy sky.

(commercial break)

Back in the Fuhrer’s house. Hawkeye is being held up by two guards.
Bradley: “Brigadier General Mustang?”
Guard: “That bastard should be leading the revolt up in the north!”
Hawkeye: “That is a fake! He is after the Fuhrer’s life and has come to Central!”
There is a noise in the basement. Bradley’s wife and son recoil from the basement door.
A guard moves, but Bradley stops him. “Is that a mouse? This is an old house. I’ll go check just in case. I’ll leave my family to you two.”
Guard: “But-“
Bradley: (something I don’t understand, but did he mention HQ?) “My family comes before my life.” (puts his hand on Selim’s shoulder)
Bradley goes down to the basement with his sword. The door to the cellar is open. He goes and closes it behind him, activating an array that melts the door to its frame.
A light blinks on. Standing behind Bradley next to the door is Roy.
Roy: “I thought you would come alone.”
Bradley: “Isn’t this the first time you’ve betrayed my expectations?”
Roy: “You’re the one who betrayed me first.”
Bradley turns around and takes off his eye patch, revealing his Uroboros tattoo. “Are you saying I’m a homunculus?”
Roy seems startled by this, but recovers. “Whether you’re human or not isn’t much of a problem.”
Bradley: “Then doesn’t that make things alright? Since I became Fuhrer I’ve waged wars against other people and (something something- damn military terms! ARGH!).”
Roy: “But that was all in order to bring out the Philosopher’s Stone!”
Bradley smiles.
Roy: “The people trapped in the war will seek for the Philosopher’s Stone.”
Bradley: “People are foolish.”
Roy: “Are you forcing those foolish people make the Philosopher’s Stone?!”
Bradley: “We make sure you don’t destroy yourselves with the Philosopher’s Stone by taking it away and save you! We are the angels of God.”
Roy: “There is no God!”
Bradley: “You may be right.” (glares) “But there are demons! They’re you alchemists!” (draws his sword)
Roy gets his glove ready and dodges as Bradley lunges forward. Roy is horrified to see that Bradley’s sword has ripped a hole into the brick wall.
Bradley: “What a shame.” (I don’t get most of the stuff he says after this- scientific terms GAH! He says something about how Roy performed his alchemy in the war, being able to see the flow of air, and that he realized something about it.)
Bradley slashes his sword at Roy, who does his best trying not to get killed, but he gets his arm nicked and quickly snaps his fingers.
Explosion down in the cellar.
Flames and smoke. Roy struggles to get up, and sees Bradley still standing before him, demonic-looking, his shirt open and chest exposed (is this supposed to be fanservice?).
Bradley points his sword at Roy.

In the ballroom.
Rabid!Gluttony staggers toward Al.
Lyla (to Rose): “Soon you’ll be mine.” (hears footsteps) “Envy!”
It’s Wrath.
Envy holds him back.
Lyla takes Rose’s baby. “Don’t let him use alchemy!”
Envy: “You idiot!”
Wrath: “Bring my…my Mama…back to life!!!”
Lyla holds up Rose’s baby. The array glows.
Wrath and Envy are standing before the Gate. Envy lets him go and runs to the side as the doors open. The black arm-thingies reach out to Wrath, who is terrified.
Lyla: “What a bad child. The Philosopher’s Stone is being activated right now. But if you try to use alchemy here, the transmutation will start.”
The black arm-thingies rip Wrath’s Ed!arm and leg off, leaving him screaming in pain. They pull back, taking the arm and leg with them, and the doors close.
Lyla (looks away): “And I’d let you go thinking I could still use you.”
Envy (in horror, pointing): “The Gate…the Gate…it hasn’t disappeared!”
The doors open. From the darkness inside, Ed emerges with a roar, pushing them open forcefully.
Envy: “Ed?!”
Ed collapses onto the floor.
Al: “Brother?!”
Ed looks up. “Al?” He gasps, and looks at his right hand, which is once again the crude-attempt-at-transmuting-automail from before. “…I’m back.” He is shocked, and looks like he’s on the verge of tears. “So that’s it…the other me died.” He kind of shrinks into himself. “I’ve used a life from the other side again.”
Marco’s voice: “That was amazing, Edward-kun!”
Ed looks up, surprised. “Dr. Marco? Why are you here?”
Envy changes shape, and Ed frowns.
Envy-as-Hughes: “You understand right, Ed? Isn’t the one who entrusted Marco to the Fuhrer you? There’s no way he’s safe. He’s already in that guy’s stomach!” (points to Gluttony)
Ed looks at Gluttony and gasps.
Envy-as-Hughes: “It’s just like you killed him. And speaking of which, me too!” (flings daggers at Ed)
Ed dodges them.
Envy-as-Hughes: “Isn’t it difficult? Familiar faces, I mean. Even if you keep telling yourself it’s not really them!” (attacks Ed)
Sometime during the fight, Ed manages to twist Envy’s arm behind his back, and brings his right arm around Envy’s throat.
Ed: “Is that all?”
Envy-as-Hughes (hoarse voice): “Ah?”
Ed: “Is that all your power?! …Then I can defeat you! I’ve defeated many homunculus! I defeated them even if they had my mother’s face! Right now no matter what face you have-“
Envy-as-Hughes: “Is that so?” (changes into Sloth) “Then kill me good!” (elbows Ed in the stomach)
Envy stands up and changes back to his normal form. “See? Isn’t it difficult?”
Ed is pissed. He claps his hands together.
Lyla: “You should give up on that, Edward.”
Ed: “I don’t need to be ordered around by you!!”
Envy: “I don’t mind actually, but who knows what’ll happen to your brother?”
Lyla: “The Philosopher’s Stone is reacting. If there’s a transmutation around him, what will happen…”
Ed looks like he doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly Envy’s face is right beside him in an evil sneer. “Do you understand?” Envy kicks him in the gut.
Ed and Envy throw kicks and punches. Ed misses, while Envy manages to knock him to the floor. Ed gets up and runs after Envy, yelling, “Don’t get your hopes up!!”
Envy: “No use, no use! I’m still much stronger!”
Envy twirls gracefully through the air and lands on his feet, when suddenly a hand latches onto his foot. It’s Wrath- weak, but determined.
Envy: “You!!” (kicks at Wrath)
Ed throws himself at Envy and knocks him over. They roll around, and finally Ed emerges on top with his hands at Envy’s throat. He lands a blow in Envy’s face.
Envy’s face changes into Sloth. “Stop it, Ed!”
Ed: “Stop messing with me!!!” Punch!
Now it’s Marco. “Edward-kun!”
Hughes. “Edo.”
Now it is Roy. “Fullmetal! Do you mean to kill me?”
Ed hesitates for a moment. Then he grins. “That’s the most easiest face for me to punch!” And he does so.
Ed (beating Envy without mercy): “Show me your real face! Borrowing other people’s likeness and hurting people, is that the only thing you can do?!”
Envy: “Do you want to see that much?!”
Ed reels back for a megaton-punch. “If you can!”
Envy: “I’LL SHOW YOU!”
A flash. Ed freezes.
Lyla smirks.
Ed’s hand is shaking.
Envy (with a deeper voice): “What’s wrong? Didn’t you want to see?”
Envy’s true form is revealed. He resembles a younger version of Hohenheim.
Ed looks torn between shock, horror, and sadness. He is trembling furiously. “Fa…ther…”
Lyla: “Envy is the first homunculus that Hohenheim created when he was still young. At that time, the child we had together died in an accident, and that person tried to bring him back to life, and failed.”
Al listens silently. Ed is staring down at Envy, still trembling.
Envy: “And then that person abandoned me! You understand right? The reason why I hate him!” He lunges forward.
A spurt of blood. Ed gurgles, his face frozen in pain.
Envy’s arm, now a blade, is sticking straight through Edward’s chest. Ed makes faint gasping noises. Envy lets him go, and Ed falls limply to the ground.
Al looks up. “Brother…?”
Rose watches, and slowly, her glazed eyes return to normal. “Ed…..Ed…...”
The puddle of blood around Ed grows steadily larger.
A close up of his face, a distant mask of shock, with blood trickling from his mouth. Faintly, Rose screams. “EDO!!!”
Ed’s eyes.
His pupils dilate, and his life fades away…

(“I Will” Ending)



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