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Since the other EP50 thread is getting crowded, I thought I'd post my thoughts RE: 50 RAW in this here new entry. Hope no one minds. This was intially posted in my personal LJ:

Disturbing things: No music during Al's touka koukan speech. No EP51 preview. Persistent mental images of Ed and Al's seiyuus weeping like children at EP51 wrap. Um. Ummmmmmmm.

There is something strangely satisfying in watching Mustang get his ass handed to him. If he had brought a gun, or a knife, or a really well-sharpened pencil, something besides alchemy to go against Bradley's very very long rapier in a narrow confined space, maybe he wouldn't be so screwed at the moment. On the bright side, since there is now a convenient hole in the wall it's about time for Hawkeye to charge to the rescue. I hope she does. Else the anime will make her "Gotta Protect Mah Maan" speech totally pointless.

I doubt Roy Mustang will die. Everyone is too much in love with him.

Speaking of DEATH, Ed dies TWICE in this episode? The first time he is INDIRECTLY KILLED BY THE BRITISH AIR FORCE LOLOL. But the second time, shit, the second time looks pretty final. Oh my poor nerves. OTOH most Ed fans are pretty much chillaxin' right now because they know in their heart of hearts that Ed will be back for a feature-length movie. I for one would be kinda stoked to see the movie turn out to be a big hoax meant to divert our expectations of Ed's survival. It won't, of course. But how cool would that be?

*is boiled and eaten by Ed fans*

Ahem. Other thoughts: TerminArcher is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen. As a Californian, I feel offended. As a seasoned watcher of Saturday morning cartoons, I laugh SO HARD. Anyway I have a feeling Mr. Archernator is at the head of a desperate anime-sideplot meant to give Izumi and Ross (and Brosch, wherever he is) something to do. Pity, I really like Izumi and Ross and I hate to see them involved in something so totally stupid.

GLUTTOOONEEEEE. What have they done to you? I hold a tiny hope you eat Dante at the end and take some well-deserved revenge.

I really hate Envy. A lot. His hair is annoying, his skort is annoying, his voice is annoying, and the only thing he's really good for is smirking meaningfully while giving us a run-through of Characters Who Won't Be Appearing In This Ending. Oh, and impaling Ed, okay.

I do however enjoy the part where Envy's changing faces as Ed soundly punches each one in turn. When Envy gets to Roy Mustang and sees Ed pausing he must think Ed is stumped and surprised, but really I bet Ed is taking a moment to savor his good fortune before shouting something that could totally be "I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS!!"

Pleasepleaseplease let the ending be good.

P.S.: ROZE IS A SUCH A TOOL. I mean, besides literally.

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