Hakura (hakura) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Another AMV =o

Omg it's me again with another FMA AMV lol this time with an idea that just sprung in my head...I'm gonna get killed for doing this lol

I was listening to winamp when the old theme song for Samurai Pizza Cats jumped on. Something stupid inside me begged to make this dumb video lol

It honestly didn't take me long, but It was alot of fun lol It uses most of the military from FMA, and it's a comedy (more like stupid XD) video.

Download it and see for yourself the product of my bordom XD Do tell me if you like it, ot if you want to kill me for making this lol


Once again to get it you must be a member of the site ^^

Enjoy (prepares for random objest being thrown at her)

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