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24 September 2004 @ 05:39 pm
my notebook is for doodling  
Whenever I go to class, I draw crappy doodles all over my paper pay very close attention and take very good notes.

So here's some of my most recent pen doodlings that took a little more than 10 seconds to draw.

Ed and Restored!Al. I still can't draw Al. Hell, I still can't draw Edward. I SUCK.

Riza with crappy-looking Black Hayate. XD;
And uh, I was thinking what if Ed worked at a fast food restaurant? This is his reaction when someone asks for fries. Random Al dingle-ball thing.

This was drawn in our discussion about sex in films of the 1920s. Don't ask why the fangirl in me made a connection to RoyxEd. He's got long legs. =D;;;

I was talking to my friend pbjsammich the other day and we got off on a really long discussion of what would happen in Episode 50: "OMGWTF. EVERYONE DIES". To make it really short, everyone dies. Zombie!Kimbley came back to life, tried to do human transmutation on Archer and as a result, loses his toes. So now Kimbley and Archer (who calls Kimbley "niisan", which annoys him very much) go on a journey to restore the missing toes but are persued by The Virtues, which include Ed and sexy human!Al. And uh, a character named Rape makes Ed and Roy have much steamy mansex for no reason at all.

Anyways, I just like the chibi Kimbley who's bleeding everywhere. =D;;


I need a life.
angsty lemon ukewabisuke on September 24th, 2004 10:43 pm (UTC)
For the episode "OMGWTF. EVERYONE DIES". XD

I also forgot to mention, Kimbley was trying to sell zolof but then he got sued so he laced his product with explosive powder and killed off everyone who wasn't already dead. XD;;

Oh, and he is now the MetalToe(s?) Alchemist. Edward and Al are the Sex Alchemist and the Fanservice Alchemist, respectfully. Roy's trying to play it straight but alas. XD

My friends and I are weird when we combined our brainz. XD

And yes, daringu, I'd love you forever and ever if you wrote something like that. XD

Thanks to everyone for commenting; I never knew my random doodles would be so amusing. XD