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Epi 50 preview

... brain-draining after long school week~ and this was the first thing to greet me as I sat down at my 'putter.

Well, the craxy world beyond the gate is our London 1916 (if we for some reason didn't already know this, the site confirmed it for us - still don't know about Dante's underground ghost-town)... but the thing that bothers me most is the "...Dante tries to get Gluttony to eat Al in order to obtain the perfect Phillosopher's Stone...".

._. AL~~ *whine* cummon Roy, plow over the Fuhrer and save Al from Gluttony... or you know what, Gluttony should eat Dante... cause in some way or another she was responsible for Lust. He should be a pouty child and not do what she asks. There's a feeling deep down in side me that says that either Wrath or Gluttony (or both) are going to 'disobey' Dante in some way to hinder her progress.

I wonder how on earth Ed and Hohenheim are going to get along together... Ed's an emotional rollercoaster and now the only person he knows is his dad... I'm sorta hoping that he finally gets a chance to bitch out his father for 10 years of abandonment (at a far better level than 44 gave us >_>;) and in return, I hope we find out just what the heck Hohenheim was up to for that bit of time >_>

*stares at the 6 image previews* .....maybe this is the episode where Archer dies >_>!!

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