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Dream-fueled FMA crack

The entire plot of this drabble was a creepy, creepy dream I had this morning (last night?). I was woken up in the middle of it. Basically, Envy's found something to amuse himself with... Ed. A bit Envy/Ed-ish, I suppose, but not very much. It's more creepy gen than anything.


Envy gives an odd shark-smile, one hand clamped around Edward's throat and the other anchored tight to the blond boy's hair. Edward's braid is wound around Envy's hand. There was no threat of attack from the short alchemist now- his automail arm had been damaged, disabled, and finally torn off altogether by Envy during the fighting. They both stood chest-deep in water, and Edward only managed a token resistance against the Sin. He simply didn't have the energy to fight any longer.

"Hagane no," Envy drawls, jerking Edward forward, and suddenly blue lightning crackles over Envy's body as he changes form, "you failed, didn't you?" Envy says in Roy Mustang's deep voice. The man's trademark smirk just not quite right, and Edward fancies he can see slit pupils lurking behind Roy's eyes. He doesn't move and they make an incongruous picture, the flame alchemist soaking wet.

"Do you know what we're going to do now, ochibi-san?" Roy leers, tilting Edward's head back cruelly, watching as he gasps as suddenly there's less pressure on his throat, "We're going to play a little game."

Edward says nothing because there is nothing to say, and only watches the sin as suddenly Envy's back in his ordinary form. Envy leans forward, touching their foreheads together.

"I'm going to play myself," he smiles, sharp teeth untrustworthy, "and you... You're going to play the innocent drowning victim."

Edward's eyes open in shock a moment too late, Envy's hands are already pushing him under.

"Isn't it a fun game?" Envy remarks, watching as the boy writhes and struggles under his hands. When finally his movements slow then stop altogether, Envy holds him under a few minutes longer. He lifts the dead weight into his arms, admiring the way Edward's skin has a pale blue tint and the way his soaking hair clings to his face, now brown-brass rather than gold.

Envy runs a finger down Edward's cool cheek, and resolves to bring him to Dante. She will fix Edward, he's sure. Envy turns to face the watery sun shining down from above, and that same shark-smile crawls onto his face.

He wants to play with Edward again soon. He makes such a good toy.

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