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24 October 2016 @ 06:46 pm
Title: Iro Mame { Metal Bean
Doujika/Circle: Daen
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Language: Italian/English
Rating: NC-17
Pages: 20
Editing&Translate: 3pride
RAWs: cl_firstbranch (Inactive)
English translate: selena244
Download: Here

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18 October 2016 @ 08:43 pm
Title: Devotion
Summary: When Alphonse dies, Edward spirals out of control and into the arms of a dangerous woman.
Characters/Pairings: Edward, Winry, Roy, Riza, Gracia, OC's. Ed/OFC, Past!Winry/Al, Ed+/Winry
Disclaimer: I am not Hiromu Arakawa. I just play her on TV.
Rating: Adult.
A.N.:Alternate Reality. Everything Mangaverseis fair game, but might be seen at a different angle.
A.N. 2: Much thanks to cornerofmadness for the attaboys and edits and suggestions and also to lyrangalia for loving this story and wanting more, ‘way back when I first started writing it.

Elicia heard the telephone ring and ran toward it, Sheba chasing after her. Mother picked up the receiver before she could. “Hello, Hughes residence.” Elicia made a face – she liked answering the telephone. It wasn’t often the calls were for her, but it was fun hearing the voices coming through the receiver.
09 October 2016 @ 10:26 am
I don't think this has been shared here and yes, it's probably old news at this point, but it's the first time I'd seen anything on any of the other actors involved.

08 October 2016 @ 01:02 pm
Title: Updraft
Author: Kristen Sharpe / kristensk
Date Completed: August 3, 2016
Rating/Warnings: PG - Some violence, lightly described crime scenes.
Continuity/Timeline: Any continuity, early or pre-series.

Hughes has a murder mystery on his hands, and he knows just the man to help him. Because no way is he getting mixed up with superhuman alchemy stuff without an alchemist of his own on hand.
03 October 2016 @ 09:39 pm
Title: On a Country Hillside
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Author: evil_little_dog
Words: 976
Rating: K+
Summary: Edward and Alphonse talk.
Warnings: Future!fic. Mentions of death(s), canon and otherwise.
Disclaimer: I didn’t get what I wanted for my birthday this year, so this isn’t mine.
Note: Happy 3 October Day!

Fake cut takes you to my LJ.
03 October 2016 @ 09:05 pm
Title --The Story Teller
Author-- cornerofmadness
Disclaimer – Arakawa owns them, I just play with them from time to time.
Rating – teen
Characters/Pairing – Edward
Word Count – 412
Warning – None
Summary – Ed's grand kids want to hear the story again.
Author’s Note – Just a little future fic because it's October third.


The Story TellerCollapse )
03 October 2016 @ 02:27 pm
Title: Accomplishments
Author: Kristen Sharpe
Date Completed: October 3, 2016
Rating/Warnings: G - No warnings.
Continuity/Timeline: Any continuity, early or pre-series.

It's October 3rd again, and Ed is wondering just what he and Al have accomplished in the last year.
02 October 2016 @ 10:54 pm

はじまりの日 by pixiv user 297794.

09 September 2016 @ 01:12 am
Hey guys, so I'm looking for an older fanfic that was posted on LJ a few years back.

The basic summary is Alphonse has a clone of Edward he keeps in the basement and kinky things happen. I remember one EdxRoy scene where Alphonse attempted to kill Roy. It's been a long time since I read it, but I think it was a few chapters long.

Any help is appreciated!