Imagines (imagines) wrote in fm_alchemist,
  • Mood: cold

Artses! :D

The Winry picture is old-- I drew it late last year, but the date on it is last January because that's when I finally cleaned it up and dated it.

The Lust picture was drawn recently for theladyfeylene. I had some issues with her leg. XP

I would call both of these worksafe, although Winry is in her workshop-outfit of pants and bra-ish top, and Lust has got on a gypsy/harem girl outfit that shows quite a bit of skin. Everything important is covered up, though. ^^ (I'm not sure what constitutes not-worksafe-- I imagine it has to be racier, but could someone please enlighten me? ^^;; )

Gentle concrit would be much appreciated. ♥


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